Within the silent world of visual art, i am a photographer and painter experimenting at the intersection of disciplines. I have a studio space and I am also working in the darkroom these days. Stay tuned!

Chimaera, 2022, 18” x 11.5”, oil and silver emulsion on canvas (we all make mistakes, especially while learning and self taught.)

The Chimaera Project

The Chimaera Project travels from the realest of forms, 35mm black & white images of living orchids, to create abstract captures of the artist’s kinetic energy during compressed creative junctures in order to erect gateways through which one will encounter and interact with more surreal figures, landscapes, energies, and ideas.*

The Chimaera Dances (to one’s delight), 2022, 11” x 14”, silver emulsion and acrylic on canvas.

*Everything that i do is entirely serious and satirical at the same time.

A Quiet Song

i have this fascination with the way that some art penetrates beyond the conscious surface, musically, into one’s dreams, desires, and alter’s one’s perception of the infinite details of their perceptual field, reconstituting one’s reality as one of many possible equilibria, sometimes carrying one into a new unexpected, unknown, and fantastic current.

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