I have formally studied photography (a lot) and painting (a little.) My photography mentor was Judy Deford at IHS (Go Vikings!), and there was also an Italian photographer named Domenico who would meet with me at cafes while I was in college. Meanwhile, I studied painting under the tutelage of Felipe Duarte and Estudio Pira in Rio de Janeiro for an ever so brief period in 2012. I’ve continued my studies independently since then, especially delving into the writings of Salvador Dalí. I write about sculptors, musicians, writers, and painters a lot.

Anyhow, I am currently preparing a multimedia piece about ritual sacrifice that contains photographs of actual ritual sacrifices from 2010 and writing about the theme. I didn’t capture the blood, but I caught the flame. It was the best image I ever captured and, recently, I discovered there were actually three of them. I’ll be sending them to journals in the near future accompanied with more recent writings. In the meantime, here’s an ice cave as captured on film—the big four.

I capture landscapes, portraits, high art nudes, and I engage in conceptual art within the visual mediums. My work draws upon the surreal and the absolutely real, touching both antipodes. I’ll also be devoting this winter to developing a series of paintings in the oil medium titled exile above the clouds. I’m building a studio in the attic of a building in the woods in the Cascades. It will have a wood stove as it will be very, very, very cold.