Antigamente, morava em Laranjeiras onde, sim, comia laranja e dançava lá na praça. Sabe qual? También, tengo un tatuaje en Castellano del poeta Español Antonio Machado. If you know, you know. Context is vital in translation.

I translate from Spanish and Portuguese to English. I translate professional and legal documents, correspondences, and I am also a translator of literature, including poetry and fiction. I’ve been doing it informally for a very long time. I am now seeking to become legit and I have produced my first professional manuscript (in progress) of literary translations. Thus, I am actually seeking to publish a translated and transmogrified revival of Cecilia Meireles’s The Aeronaut (1952.) Here is the postscript to the piece, which I recently sent to a colleague in Brazil for comment prior to revisions, after which I will send it to a highly regarded and reputable literary journal.

The Aeronaut
(A T.W.A.T.)

The (Artist & Translator’s) Postscript

I am a naïve man and artist, but I found beauty in the work of Ms. Meireles.  My Portuguese is also imperfect, yet I felt as if illuminated while engaging with these poems.  I hadn’t felt so immersed in one of her works since rediscovering Discurso; a playwright and fellow artist once shared it with me a long time ago. I’d been searching in a thick book of hers for years and, in the end, it was on page seven the whole time! Anyhow, I dove in again one day and was struck, at first, by Cinco.  Thus, I began producing exact translations, moving from five to consume the whole, but I also looked beyond them and within myself to bring you these translations “with a twist”; we can call them TWATs.  It’s like how each bartender has a unique take on classic cocktails, reinterprets a customer’s specialty order, or presents her own rendition of a “cocktail” with the ingredients on hand.  I have sought to marry a respect to the original artist, humoür, knowledge, and artistry within these daring translations & (slight re)interpretations.   I am the strangler fig.  It’s so freeing, as a translator and artist, once the host poem has been overcome.