The dream of life is continuous,
seamless, and seemingly 
unknown to us, known to us,
shown through us,
to us in waking life
and the moments in between.  

I am a cocoon, 
a process, a mess.
I am the shell 
and that which emerges.

I am the real.
I am the illusion.
I am that which dies.
I am that which is eternal
and everything in between.

I am the shadows of my past
and the light of my future.  
I am the film in between
the extremes upon which the dream is projected, 
recorded, lived, felt, seen, and heard.  

I can taste it
and I can smell 
the ashes, the smoke,
the flicker of the flame
that I chase into darkness, 
into the dream, 
throughout the real, 
and always towards those moments 
of burning desire fulfilled
when we ignite as one.  

The dream of life is continuous,
punctuated by moments kissing you.