Lawrence v. Texas (2003)
The Musical

The actual facts of the Lawrence case could be featured within the musical while providing opportunity for polemic on all sides. Here is my humble contribution. I imagine a character seeking shock value deploying the following.

Texas skies are fallin’,
fallin’ around me
because Texan eyes are bawlin’
didn’t like what they could see: 

naked truth slipping,
slipping through the cracks.

Well, howdy ‘bout this one, neighbor,
Mind your own beeswax…

The truth it ain’t for everyone—
it’s an acquired taste;
lend me your ear now,
I’ll give it to you slow pace.

We are all born equal;
god loves everyone,
but some of ‘em,
even there in Texas,
know how to have a bit more fun.

Obviously this needs to be improved upon, but it’s a foundation to build upon. I’d be down to collaborate with others to make this happen.

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