Experiential Augmented Reality Songs (E.A.R.S.) are a musical fusion of nature and technology. They adapt to the environment of the listener as they travel through time and space—the lyrics, instruments, everything, in tune with the weather, location type, elevation, season, time of day, and the movements of each individual listener through these various states. E.A.R.S. are created so that the entire composition will transmogrify as the listener moves through space and time. This can be accomplished through the use of words that are flexible and can flow from one steady state into a relatively less intelligible form prior to reconstituting themselves as another clearly expressed phrase.

Example: drought becomes draught; awww shucks becomes awe shock.

Imagine listening to one song all year long and never hearing the same song twice. Imagine how the song will respond to lighting, windstorms, rain, thunder… Imagine a road trip through mountains, valleys, cities, and, perhaps, extreme weather. The challenge is equal parts lyrical and instrumental. It is also a technological challenge, though mobile listening devices should enable the integration of music provision and the environmental context of the listener to produce the E.A.R.S. effect.

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