Dark Moon is an adventurous, political, and timely drama set within a fantasy world marred by the twin legacies of environmental degradation and social inequality.  The first book, The Daedalian Valley, introduces the world through the eyes of Tim, an ordinary teenager within one of the hazy settlements that border one of the few cities of the light.  The story documents his journey as he encounters hardship and breaks into the world of the elite.  Additionally, the novel sets the stage for the wider conflicts that will unfold within the series while introducing characters that will be key players in the fight to build a better future, including Tim’s sister, Marissa, and his love interest, Iris.

A mysterious enemy has emerged from the shadows that shroud much of the world in darkness and their actions have a lasting impact on Tim and Iris, launching them into the depths of politics, nature, and adventure.  Additionally, the incursions of the enemy into the cities of the dragon lords, the elite rulers of the realm, will also catalyze internal divisions.  As a coup engulfs the elite and a previously obscure faction attempts to take power, the enemy within the shadows secretly spreads throughout the realm, planting the seeds of a potentially devastating war.