A Portrait of the Artist in Decline is a novel about the life of a musician and a painter, both of whom are also writers.  I began writing the book in September of 2020, though it contains writing from as early as 2012, and incorporates analysis from my graduate studies, especially from a Nietzsche seminar.   I previously titled it Once Upon the High Plateau, the impetus being that the process through which one arrives to perch upon their “high plateau” in life matters, which it absolutely does, but that’s not the driving theme of this novel.  I conceived it while revisiting The Birth of Tragedy, and A Portrait of the Artist in Decline is actually a portrait and examination of the mind of a singular artist, the mind of the artist “at two” as opposed to “at one”.   Additionally, the novel examines and critiques the way in which some artists’ art practice emerges from and draws upon pain and suffering as a source of inspiration and fuel.  Meanwhile, I am also writing a novella titled The Breakdown Artist. I hope to present the pieces jointly. One of these pieces is an utter tragedy while the other presents an outcome in which an artist overcomes this cycle to become and remain a professional, creative, and still passionate art practitioner and educator. I consider them a diptych in four parts and the three artists depicted as individuals within these works of literary fiction to be a triptych.