A Light Within explores an Earth in which our dreams are actually a world inhabited by beings that exist beyond death. Their world lives within and through us, connecting us and allowing them to occasionally operate through and upon us. The book explores royal politics, religion, psychology, and technopolitics. The chief protagonist, a prince and the primary conduit of the lighter forces from beyond, is tempted and the fate of both worlds hangs in the balance. A mysterious psychologist and artist with ties to occult forces seeks to discover the true depths of the worlds beyond and to harness them. Meanwhile, a chief executive officer within a tech firm seeks to destroy the connection between humans and what she believes to be parasites. Yet as these stories unfold and intertwine, the darker forces begin to emerge and to establish a regime that I refer to as Demonocracy, a regime hellbent on extinguishing the light within the beyond and within our reality.

Progress Report:

Volume II is very nascent. I have written drafts of two chapters in addition to a lot of architectural and conceptual work. I have been studying my dreams, years of them, recording them, and developing the world, how one travels through and interprets the different dream states while continuing to progress toward figuring out how this one ends. I have also studied a little bit of psychology in pursuit of developing the characters as well as the mythology within. It also incorporates writing that I have been working on since I was a teenager, a lot of it actually.