Texas heat,
I’m grillin’ like meat;
noon sun,
it’s a scorcher.

Soaking wet,
I’m covered in sweat;
noon sun,
it’s a scorcher.

The rays beat down
all around town;
noon sun,
it’s a scorcher.

And then there’s you,
you’re feeling it too,
drippin’ with sweat
and you wanna get wet,
mad with desire
like a burning fire,
hiding in the shade,
drinking lemonade,

üntil I say Barton Creek.

Going out on a limb
and jumpin’ right in;
a shocking relief
as you fall like a leaf,
as yours touches mine
sends chills down your spine…
It’s a scorcher.

Going down below,
to see her show.
There’s turtles and fish,
a nature boy’s wish,
cooly burning desire,
a nature pyre;
it’s a scorcher.

The wind all around
can hear our sound,
a splash here and there,
without a care,
beatin’ the heat,
a [***king] royal treat;
it’s a scorcher.

On these scorching days
there are a million ways,
but none quite like you,
so fresh and so true,
a shock to the system—
who cares about wisdom.

I’d kiss you if I could,
become one with the wood,
the water, the air…
Against this heat,”
all is fair.

I’ll be a Barton Creek,
a shelter from the heat
every time we meet,
a pleasure to sneak,
paradise in the shade,
sweet like that lemonade.

I’ll be the real deal.
How’s that make you feel?
feel like jumpin’ in?
goin’ for a swim?
I’m goin’ out on this limb;
this ain’t just a whim.

I’ll be a Barton Creek.
Come on, take a peek.
Dive into me;
Like what you see?
Cuz I’m teeming with desire
and I will take you higher.
Gotta beat the heat,
beatin’ down from above.
I will shock you with some love.

The way I feel,
the real deal,
a beatin’ heart,
it’s a scorcher.

What do you say?
How about today?
A beatin’ heart,
it’s a scorcher.

A cool shady tree
right above me.
Climb up on the limb,
jump on in,
straight to the heart;
it’s a scorcher.

Copyright: Thomas Christopher Elliott, 2020