I had this period during COVID where I just started writing letters to unknown people every day.  Almost none of them ever received responses. Anyhow, I just write all day, every day, and my writings include letters.  They might as well be to pen pals who are interested in receiving such letters, perhaps in the form of occasional back and forth correspondences.  If you cannot read the above, do not worry; all letters produced within the Letter Writer Artist Program will be produced on a vintage typewriter.

While we currently receive zero letters, we are open to any and all pen pals who might reach out.  I am very finicky, and I cannot guarantee that I will wish to sustain correspondence.  That said, all topics are on the table, and I am open to where any individual stream of interaction might lead.  I am especially interested in corresponding with fellow writers, artists, academics, and beyond. 

Current Address: 2421 Salal Drive, Leavenworth, WA, 98826

While not encouraged, people may choose to misrepresent their identities, engaging in iterative interactions with the letter writer artist under aliases with backstories, perhaps representing themselves as fast food restaurant employees, unemployed misanthropes, circus performers, or something more creative.  You will have to be careful though as you might wish to sustain the illusion and the letter writer artist’s continued correspondence. 

There is a greater virtue, I feel, in learned unknowing than in grasping at straws, and in being fooled than in chasing at wild geese where there are only ducks.  I think that creating behind a veil and within a labyrinth can be especially productive as one learns to destroy walls—the walls of self and other.

Please do not send non-artistic female nudes, anthrax, or other illegal materials, such as drugs or written and decipherable coup plots that one intends to implement immediately.  Also, please no letters from children—I am not Santa, though I share the gift giving virtue.  18+ and intelligent only.