I find interesting ways to survive as a psychological and embodied being. Thus, I provide inspiration, criticism, challenges, and methodological refinements, generally of the experimental variety, to established and emerging artists.  All you have to do is contact me, have questions prepared, and we’ll have a discussion that will hopefully improve, fertilize, inspire, and transform whatever it is that you’re working on.  I present a unique perspective, a breadth of symbolic, artistic, methodological, and scientific knowledge, as well as a drive to push others to achieve, as demonstrated through over six years of professional experience in higher education, my informal activities in the arts, and whatever it is that I’m doing here. I am naive, but I bring something to the table.  

All blades require sharpening.  All minds can benefit from an infusion of novel energies, foreign ideas—the concept of zero, a flavor never before felt upon one’s tongue, those who believe in alchemy, and the simplicity of a fruitful alternative perspective.  I imagine what I might provide to unknown others as being similar to the pairing of Kylie Minogue with fischerspooner (The Come Into My World Mix.)

You could do this with literally anyone, but I contend that you will find interactions with me to be more productive and efficient—no guarantees!  At the very least, I might make you laugh.  I’ve never had a client, not one that I am aware of on a formal basis, but I imagine this as a way to garner funds for my own arts practice.  I too seek to create and to reach the peaks. 

May I be a shadow and an echo within the work of others, the wall that pushes them in an alternative creative direction, or perhaps a light that shines as the corresponding artist seeks and develops new creative enhancements to supplement their extant arts practice.  I can provide suggestions on individual works or challenges to complement or transform one’s extant process, doing so with one’s goals in mind.

I have almost no formal training as an artist, except years of formal training as a film and darkroom photographer in addition to even more informal and independent learning within the arts beyond that.  I am still relatively ignorant, in my own humble opinon.  I am just some guy that writes and [insert craft]s every day.  Thus, if you seek my services, you don’t have to pay much, if at all, though payment would be appreciated if I provide value that translates into monetary gain.  I have needs—survival and all that jazz, but I have no expectations. You can send cyranoids, whatever you want to call them, with your questions, inquiries, etc. to the cafes that I frequent, or you might choose to participate in the letter writer artist program.  I look forward to our interactions and to seeing any results that emerge from them, as always.  

I am one piece of a puzzle, a member of a village, an asker of questions, and a catalyst. 


Here is an example of one of my imagined consultings that I generated in the midst of my unconventional job searching and income stream seeking efforts during COVID. I also applied to hundreds of jobs, so I wasn’t just making an ass of myself. I keep them very brief, vivid, and succinct, in most cases.

Some of my favorites beyond the above include Intelligents, The E.A.R.S. Proposal, The Musical Antarctica Proposal, Lawrence v. Texas: The Musical, Gustabus, The Grow A Tree! Proposal, The Meatball Catalyst Packages Proposal, The Delirium Tremendum (et fascinans) Proposal, The Coffee Is Nature Proposal, The Jungle Park Proposal, Mbute Steals the Show, Magic X, Artdnd, DMT: The Musical, Dramatizing A Moving Target, and The Crux of the Matter, which is derived from a piece that was initially shared as Becoming [XX XXXXXXX]. All proposals have been rejected, ignored, or remain unseen.