Do they look like legs to You?

I am an author and artist currently living in the Cascades in Washington.  I write poetry, memoir, fiction, music, and so much more. I also sometimes engage in scientific writing, primarily in the social sciences.  I am formally trained as an academic writer, researcher, photographer & visual artist, and journalist. Additionally, I am a self taught poet, creative writer, and songwriter; I have a lot to learn though.  I have an MA in Government from UT Austin and a BA in Political Science and Spanish from Whittier College.

I am currently applying to arts practice fellowships & graduate programs in creative writing, English, interdisciplinary studies, and arts practice in addition to writing novels, short stories, poetry, music, and engaging in creative studies and collaborations within additional disciplines. I have multiple pieces under review at publications that I adore and I have and I will continue to roll with the punches of their rejections. My creative and academic work these days examines theory and practice at the intersection of art, literature, psychology, and philosophy. I also work as a translator, editor, writer, researcher, and educator, among other professional activities. I have six years of pedagogical experience in higher education as a teaching assistant, which also included independent lesson planning and lecturing in American Constitutional Law. Meanwhile, my current day job is in the kitchen of a dive bar in the mountains in the woods.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been reading.