I am an emerging author and artist from Seattle who is currently living in New York City.  I write poetry, memoir, fiction, songs, and I dabble in theatre. I also sometimes engage in scientific writing, primarily in the social sciences.  I am formally trained as an academic writer, researcher, photographer & visual artist, and journalist. Additionally, I am a self taught poet, creative writer, and songwriter; I have a lot to learn though.  I have an MA in Government from UT Austin and a BA in Political Science and Spanish from Whittier College.

I am currently applying to arts practice fellowships, considering attending a graduate program (again) someday, in addition to actively writing, experimenting with new visual methods, and engaging in creative studies. My primary visual and experimental art work these days is at the intersection of darkroom photography and painting. Meanwhile, my creative and academic work examines theory and practice at the intersection of art, literature, psychology, and philosophy. I also work as a translator, editor, writer, researcher, and educator, among other professional activities. Lastly, I have six years of pedagogical experience in higher education as a teaching assistant, which also included independent lesson planning and lecturing in American Constitutional Law.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been reading.


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