I am an author and artist.  I write poetry, documentary, fiction, and music. I also engage in scientific writing, primarily in the social sciences.  I am formally trained as an academic writer, researcher, photographer, and journalist. Additionally, I am a self taught poet, creative writer, and songwriter; I have a lot to learn though.  I have an MA in Government from UT Austin and a BA in Political Science and Spanish from Whittier College.

I am currently seeking investment into my writing and art, specifically into my novel writing; I consider everything else to constitute “tangents”, though I incorporate some of them into the novels. I am also interested in employment opportunities that will enable me to invest time and resources into my craft and my career. I have worked as a translator, editor, writer, researcher, and educator, among other professional activities.

Lastly, if I haven’t established myself yet, enough to at least cover the bills, I will apply to an mfa program next year, again. I will only attend if I get full funding though; I have a lot of student debt. Willing to work as a TA, RA, or something like that again. Also, here’s what I’m reading.