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I write literary fiction, some of which is borderline sci fi and fantasy. My roots, though I would say that I’m like Jerry Uelsmann’s floating tree, are in psychological literature. I incorporate poetry, music, art, and sometimes even scholarship into my literary creations. I also engage my documentary work as part of my creative process.


I am inspired by nature, the depths of emotion, and the beauty of poetic form, cadence, rhythm.


Music is perhaps the most beautiful aspect of life. I grew up in choir and studied a couple of instruments growing up, but I am actually teaching myself to write music now. I deploy my lyrical poetry skills, symbolic knowledge, musical childhood, and conceptual art abilities to create musical art. I am a work in progress.


I am a formally trained social scientist with experience studying alternative justice systems, institutionally disruptive business strategies, as well as Public Law and Comparative Politics more generally.


I write in order to document my experiences of this strange world, especially the exceptional ones. As I do so, I imagine and create worlds, characters, systems of meaning, and beyond. I write in order to understand the world, the people within it, to imagine what we can become, and to produce beauty.