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I write literary fiction. My ink-bound roots, though I would say that I’m like Jerry Uelsmann’s floating tree, are in psychological and philosophical literature. I am especially interested in the literature of the fantastic. I incorporate poetry, music, art, and sometimes even scholarship into my literary creations. I also engage my documentary work as part of my creative process.


I am inspired by nature, the depths of emotion, and the beauty of poetic form, cadence, rhythm, and the potential for kinetic effects to be produced through poetry. One day I will write one of those poems that comes to mind when one is faced with decisions.


I write original songs, the seeds of what might become better songs when interpreted and adopted by musicians more talented than myself.


I am a formally trained social scientist with experience studying alternative justice systems, institutionally disruptive business strategies, as well as Public Law and Comparative Politics more generally.

Visual Art

Currently practicing at the intersection of painting and darkroom photography.